Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap-Almost School Time

We spent this weekend doing a whole lotta NOTHING! And it was fabulous, although I hate the feeling I get on Sunday when I realize I didn't mark off anything on my to-do list. Catch 22.

The one and only thing I did manage to accomplish was start and finish Eva's school clothes shopping. With tax free weekend coming up here I was hesitant to buy much but after receiving quite a few coupons and an itch to go shopping yesterday was the day. And oh my was this a good weekend for shopping. The mall wasn't as crowded as it will be coming tax free weekend and I felt like the deals were better. Most stores are already putting out fall while still hanging on to some of their summer stuff. Which around here is a GOOD thing since we will still have some pretty hot weather for the next few months. I even scored a ton of goodies from Abercrombie Kids (on sale of course). Eva is gonna be one well dressed like kindergartener!

I got Eva the required new tennis shoes-an adorable pair of Nike's-but really wanted a "cute" pair of shoes that aren't sandals or flip flops. Let's face it, they just aren't real practical for a little one running around on the playground. So after I came home and while I still had the itch, I started looking around online and came across the cutest pair of Toms. They were perfect-covers her whole foot, neutral color, and a bonus I don't have to tie them! Perfect!!!
Natural Burlap Bimini Tiny Toms Classic

I've been thinking about her backpack and lunch box for a few weeks now and made the jump a little while ago.

I went with a good ol LL Bean backpack because of the lifetime guarantee. I had one and I had to replace one so I know how well LL Bean treats their customers. And for only $30-$38(with monogram), it's really not a bad price considering if I choose not to I won't ever have to buy another backpack, when this one wears out I will simply send it back and get a new one.

I also went with this adorable Vera Bradley lunch date in the Folkloric print. I got an e-mail from VB one day and saw this bag was on sale, I think I paid $14 dollars for it and it's quite roomie, has an easy to clean liner, and a "luggage tag" to put Eva's name. So not a bad deal compared to what they usually cost.

I also picked up this plain pink sandwich holder from Target in the $1 section and added Eva's monogram with my Silhouette Cameo. 

Now I just have to figure out the plan for our First Day of School tradition(s). I want to start something not overly ambitious, something I can actually do every year and for any other children we may have.

Taken on my birthday at lunch with her and my Momma

I really can't believe she's going to be starting Kindergarten so soon. She's gone to "school" since she was about 15 months old so hopefully she will transition smoothly!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Birthday/Weekend Recap's been a minute. One day I'm gonna catch up but uh first I need to catch up on laundry and cleaning and laundry. I finally have nothing to do on the weekends and I fully intend to keep it that way by not cleaning or doing laundry! haha!!

Anyways...Friday the 13th was my birthday! I had a bit of a bad horrible week so I was in full on pout mode up until Friday. I haven't been in that bad of a mood for no particular reason in a long time. It was no fun. I decided I need a ME day on Friday so I took the day off, slept late, had lunch with my Momma, and went shopping! Happy Birthday to ME! I have a thing for Michael Kors purses as of the last year, I have a black one and a camel colored one and those are pretty much the only bags I carry but I have been wanting something more casual...enter this beauty!
MK Kempton Nylon Tote

She makes me happy :)

After lunch and shopping my sweet husband called and said he had a surprise for me! I love surprises and his are usually pretty good...and he did not disappoint!

I LOVE Firebirds chocolate cake...LOVE LOVE LOVE! So Hubby bought me a WHOLE cake. It takes me atleast 3 days to eat one slice.

This is ME! HAHAHA! {I really have not eaten that whole cake}

He did let me pick out my other present so I finally got something I have been wanting and wanting...
 More happiness!!!

My Momma had already given me my birthday present before the wedding since it was kinda sorta for the honeymoon {not in a creepy way}.

My Mom got me this super cute Vera Bradley Weekender in Island Blooms as my carry-on bag for our honeymoon. I absolutely LOVE this bag and I carry it almost every day to hold my iPad, my planner, and lately all my name changing paperwork. But it also isn't too big but just big enough.

My Daddy had to surprise me with one more gift though which of course makes this DIY'er happy :)
He got me a Jigsaw since I had to borrow his for all my wedding projects!

Hubby also took me to dinner at The Melting Pot which is always so yummy. Obviously chocolate is the key to my heart <3

We had such a good time thru our THREE hour dinner!

My bestie even stopped by at the end of dinner and I just had to put this together since we both wore the same {her} dress on our birthdays this year!

Enough with the birthday recaps...Saturday night we went to some friends of ours Couples Shower and had a little too much fun!

Me and my bff/MOH at A&C's shower.
Loving my J Crew Bubble necklace knock-off and my new maxi from Target!

Me and my new cousin-in-law at the shower.

I love this cute little gift I whipped up with help from my Silhouette Cameo for the cute couple.

I spent Sunday recovering from the weekend. Ugh I really am getting old!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tied the Knot

Ahhh my first post as a MARRIED woman!

We've returned from the most wonderful and relaxing honeymoon in Jamaica and have settled back into our weekly routine.

Our wedding was just beautiful and everything turned out as perfect as is to be expected. No major snafus; the groom forgot his socks and we were threatened with rain shortly before our outdoor ceremony was to start although thankfully I knew about none of these things until later in the evening.
I was surprised on our honeymoon last Thursday when I stopped by the Internet cafe to check my photographer's blog and she had already posted some sneak peek shots from the wedding. I was blown away and even shed a few happy tears.

We also surprised our guests with a photo booth which turned out to be a HUGE hit, I was a little bummed that no one danced but it was because everyone was huddled around the photo booth! We also doubled this into our guest book, it was so fun to look thru all the pictures when we returned from our honeymoon, even the grandparents joined in on the fun.

I still don't really feel married, the wedding flew by in an instant, the honeymoon felt like another vacation, and everything still has my maiden name on it :( But that's on my to-do list this week!
Of course I have TONS to share that I've been keeping under wraps for a long time so once I get my house back in order (wedding gifts and crafting supplies have taken over) and all those thank you notes finished I am gonna get back in the groove!

I leave you with a few pictures that friends posted on facebook.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Week

I have been absent lately but for good reason! As much as I need to be doing other things right now I really wanted to update so I don't forget all the craziness and all the wonderful feelings right now!

I'm getting married in FIVE days!!! Almost four now!!

After the wedding I'm really going to catch up on posts...bridal showers, t-ball, life and of course wedding projects, I've done a lot of them. A LOT! I've been working almost non-stop for the past two months. I can't wait to see it all together.

I don't even think I have to say that I'm BUSY this week! Thankfully I'm only working 3 days...tomorrow night I plan on organizing things that need to be taken over to the venue-there's a ton of stuff! Wednesday night my aunt is making the final alterations to my wedding dress!! Thursday starts EARLY but I'm so thankful my Mom scheduled me a massage to start my busy weekend, I just wish it wasn't at 8AM. The flowers are also being delivered Thursday morning(I'm crazy enough to do my own flowers) and I've assembled a team to help me get them prepared. Thursday also happens to be my bestie Sandy's birthday so we will be enjoying the Peabody Rooftop later that evening. Friday is of course a busy busy day, a few of us are heading over to the venue early to start the decorating then I'm taking my girls for a much needed mani before we rehearse and eat!!

It still hasn't really set in that the wedding will ACTUALLY be here on Saturday! I can't wait to see all of our family and friends and then the very next day we jet off to Jamaica for a relaxing week doing ABSOLUTELY nothing(although I do plan on reading the Shade of Grey trilogy, apparently it's a good honeymoon read).

This past weekend Mr. Dalton's brother, sister in law, and nephews came in town for the wedding. His newest nephew is only a month old and since they live in Cali we hadn't met him yet so I couldn't wait to get my hands on him!
Miss Eva with Mr. Blake

Saturday was girls day! We kicked off the afternoon and my bachelorette party by the pool at Harrah's Heatwave Pool Party in Tunica!
Just a few of my girls

So thankful so many of my favorite ladies made the trip to celebrate my Last Night Out!
me and matron of honor B

three of my four bridesmaids and me

a few goodies from my girls

me and Sandy ready to party

my Berly Jo all the way from Chattanooga!

a few of my ladies at the club

some more of my ladies at the club

Mr. Dalton and his boys were also having his Bachelor party at the casino that night and his brother/best man thought it would be hilarious for him to go as Batman! I hate that I don't have a single picture of us together but my bestie snapped one!

I'm trying to soak in and enjoy every single day leading up to the wedding. I know it will all be over soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - One Month From Today

One Month.

One month from today all the late nights and hard work will be coming to fruition. One month from today all of the people we love will be in one place celebrating with us as we say I do. One month from today I will be Mrs. Dalton!

I wake up every morning and check my phone to find my daily e-mail from Project Wedding, I look forward to it most because they are so kind as to tell me how many more days till the Big Day.

There are so many things I'm looking forward to when I think about our wedding day...waking up that morning to the realization that today is my WEDDING DAY! Getting my hair and makeup done with my Matron of Honor and girl time with 4 of my favorite ladies while we get ready. I can't wait until my Daddy sees me for the first time in all my bridal glory almost as much as I can't wait to see Mr. Dalton's expression as he sees me walking down the aisle towards him. I absolutely can't wait to say our vows to one another and that moment when we are pronounced husband and wife. Our first dance and dancing with my Dad. I spent so much time perfecting our play list for different parts of the wedding and even when I listen to them in the car and picture what we will be doing I start crying. I'm pretty much counting on bawling my eyes out the whole day. I really hope I can keep it together, I'm not a cute all.

Lots and lots of updates...

I really hate how much I have neglected my blog lately but I have been SO busy. And my poor honey has been working almost 3 weeks straight with absolutely no days off. I have not seen him for more than an hour total in those 3 weeks because our schedules are already completely backwards as it was then they took away his weekends. So I have been using that time wisely to get my most time consuming tasks done. It's actually 15 little projects, 15 different signs that will be used in various parts of the ceremony and reception. I have worked on them almost every day for the past almost 3 weeks and I'm still not finished.
Just a few of them after staining-the one on the left is actually 3ft tall!

I have made a list of everything else on my checklist and assigned it a specific day to get them done and my ultimate plan is to be finished with everything by May 31st so that I can enjoy that last 10 days. But between t-ball games, pre-school graduation, kindergarten preview, being a mommy, and keeping up with the house-I am one busy bride-to-be! I have tons to update on and hopefully I will get that done soon!
Had a little fun Sunday afternoon at the Old Millington Winery and finalized our decision to serve the strawberry wine and blackberry wine at the wedding, perfect for a hot summer night. And something different many of our guests may have never had before plus I love supporting a local business!

Me and Miss Eva on the way to my first bridal shower a few weeks ago (I can't wait to post more pictures, my aunt and cousins did a fabulous job)! It's hard to tell but we match in pink and white seersucker(hehe!). And I just have to add, I have long and REALLY thick hair that will not hold a curl, it's just too heavy but I recently discovered pin curls and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Although mine do fall considerably in an hour or so even after keeping them in for 12+ hours, nothing else comes close for me.

Miss Eva started t-ball a few weeks ago and it's the cutest thing ever even though she HATES it. I spent a large part of the game consoling her and then standing next to her just so she would stay on the field. So we will finish out this season and it's safe to say we will stick to ballet class from now on.

My precious baby girl graduates pre-school next week and I still can't believe it.

I have a new nephew!! Pretty much anyways, Mr. Dalton's brother and his wife welcomed their second little boy, Blake Haynes Dalton on May 2nd. They live in CA but will be here soon for the wedding and for a while afterwards and I can't wait to see this precious baby boy and his big brother!!

Still can't believe we are a month away!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - THE Invitations

I'm so excited to finally share our wedding invitations. I really enjoyed every aspect of putting these together. I "designed" them, cut them (with my Silhouette Cameo), printed them, designed two different RSVP cards, had a few hiccups while printing the RSVP cards, cut the envelope liners (again with my Cameo), hand fed the envelopes into the printer, and finally assembled them to be mailed. I almost cried when I mailed them, it was such a bittersweet feeling knowing how hard I worked on them but also knowing that once they were mailed our family and friends would officially be invited to OUR wedding.

I'll start with my inspiration, I'm not sure I've ever shared what initially sparked my idea for this twist on the traditional invitation (because I didn't want anyone to steal my idea to ruin the surprise).

I absolutely fell in love with the shape of the invitation but how to make a wedding invitation out of it was a bit puzzling because it's just not something you see, ever.

I decided I would play around and see what I could design on my own or I would purchase a print-your-own listing from Surprisingly it was really EASY to design my own. I used a few invitations I found on as inspiration, opened a Word doc, and downloaded a few free fonts. It was really that easy. 

I did choose to go with a "nicer" paper and found a good deal on linen paper from Paper and More to jazz up my homemade invitations a bit. And I knew it would be easy to print myself without the ink smearing.

And here they are...

I absolutely LOVE them!!!

I knew I wanted a post card size RSVP so that I could save on postage and another envelope but then my aunt suggested I try the online RSVP. I still wanted post card size and since I had to make a few that would actually need to be mailed I had to insure they would meet postal requirements for thickness and size. To say I had a hard time would be an understatement but a little wandering around Hobby Lobby would prove to be a good decision (for once).

I randomly came across this boxed set of 50 note cards that just happened to match the paper I had already bought to line the envelopes. SCORE!! And they were the perfect size and thickness to use as a postcard, so I just cut them in half and had 100 postcards, exactly what I needed! So for $9.99 plus my 40% off coupon it was a major SCORE!

While attempting to print the RSVP cards I ran into a hiccup. They were too thick to feed thru my home printer. Crap. I high-tailed it to Kinko's only to be told they were too small for them to print. Crap. While wandering around Hobby Lobby the night before I came across printable sticker sheets, in clear. Picked up a pack of 25 Avery clear sticker sheets at Office Max (Hobby Lobby only had packs of 5) and printed off the 100 postcard size stickers (4 to each page and Avery already had the template online) I needed. Once I put the stickers on the postcards you can't even tell unless I told you. Woo-hoo!!!

See? Can you tell?!? Nope, didn't think so!

I knew for a long time I wanted pretty envelope liners. I searched high and low but I mostly came across solid colors and I just knew that wasn't for me. I finally figured out there was already a template for my Silhouette Cameo that I would just need to re-size for my envelope. Finding the perfect paper was a little harder but once again Hobby Lobby had what I needed.

I came across this pack of fairly thin designer paper that would be perfect. I only needed 50 sheets out of the 180 but I know I'll be able to use the other paper for numerous projects. While not all of the colors "match" our wedding, most of them fit the style. Getting it for only $19.99 plus my 40% off coupon makes me a happy girl! I also bought double stick tape adhesive to adhere the liners to the envelopes, it came already on the dispenser so it was super easy.

And not that the guests will know but most of the liners were different which I think is so fun!

I will say that cutting all these out even with the help of my Cameo was pretty time consuming since my Cameo can only do one sheet at a time. But it was worth it.

Mr. Dalton is also now aware of my slight OCD tendencies. He was sweet enough to help me put them all together and I guess I wasn't specific enough because when he put the invitations "upside-down" I just had to fix them, it would have bugged me not to. Haha! But he was a good sport and I'm so glad he was there to help.

So all together they look a little something like this...

I like to think the style of these invitations describes the overall style and idea of our wedding.
It's traditional with a twist.

I'm so proud of what I created. From start to finish I made these and that fills me with a great sense of accomplishment.

And for only $0.72 per suite, how can you beat that?!?